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Health Food

To secure and provide safe food, Takano pursue joint research with universities and a focus on basic research of the ingredients. On the other hand, Takano collaborates with local agricultural cooperatives, enterprises, and other stakeholders to develop and promote local revitalization.


  • Kotalanol L Plus

    Kotalanol L Plus is a functional food containing the effective constitution of Salacia, which is traditionally used in Ayurveda. (A traditional form of medicine practiced in India and Sri Lanka, both famous for a low national obesity rate.)

  • Takane Ruby Seed

    Developed jointly with Shinshu University, this is the world's first ornamental variety of buckwheat that produces small red flowers. Easy to grow, the seeds can be sowed in the ground of an simply open space. When the buds appear, watch and enjoy them grow. When they bloom, enjoy the red flowers. While the flowers are beautiful as a landscape crop, the seeds can be ground into buckwheat flour for exquisitely delicious soba noodles.

  • Takane Ruby Honey

    From the red-flower of Takane Ruby buckwheat,using only Japanese Honeybee to collect, our honey is unrivalled in its flavor. Joint research with Shinshu University found that this honey has nearly 100 times the anti-oxidant effect of regular honey.

  • Takane Ruby Honey Rusk

    Enjoy the rich flavor of rusk baked from dough mixed with premium Takane Ruby Honey collected by small Japanese Honeybees from red flower of Takane Ruby buckwheat.

Research and development of original food material

In order to ensure food safety, Takano uses only natural ingredients; the company is committed to the research and development of proprietary food ingredients through joint research with universities.

●Raising of buckwheat varieties
Through joint research with Shinshu University, Takano developed seven different buckwheat varieties, which are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries (MAFF). Takano is the top private enterprise in Japan in its number of intellectual property rights on MAFF-registered buckwheat varieties.

●Research and development on Kotalanol
In addition to the joint research with Kinki University,the company checks the effectiveness and safety through various tests.

Developing new varieties of buckwheat

With a focus on varieties that may significantly affect the inherent quality of ingredients, Takano develops unique buckwheat varieties through joint research with the Shinshu University Faculty of Agriculture. Takano developed nine varieties of buckwheat (five varieties of ordinary buckwheat and four varieties of Tartary buckwheat) using traditional selection and crossbreeding techniques.

Development of red-flowered buckwheat in collaboration with local university

Takano’s health food business started in the joint research with the late Prof. Emer. Akio Ujihara of the Shinshu University Faculty of Agriculture. In 1993, Takano successfully developed Takane Ruby, the red-flowered buckwheat, and then continued to develop buckwheat varieties rich in sun-rutin nutrients. In early autumn, the small pretty flowers of Takane Ruby cover the fields in a red carpet and attract the attention of many tourists. In recent years, Takane Ruby has appeared in local events, significantly contributing to the reinvigoration of local communities.


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