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New Actions

“Every business has a life cycle.” Based on this idea, Takano makes a continuous commitment to new business development to prevent the risk of putting all its eggs in one basket. We established a dedicated organization committed to new business development and are willing to venture into new business fields. Let us explain some of our new business development efforts.


Takano is committed to the development of pressure distribution measurement for the visualization of surface pressure distributions and deviation pressures. Takano provides different sensor solutions to a wide spectrum of fields from medical and healthcare to the apparel industry to serve diverse customer needs and help to solve specific problems.

【BodiTrak Pressure Mapping System】
BodiTrak is a sensor sheet made of a stretchable, electrically conductive fabric. This stretchable sensor fits along curvy surfaces such as those of the human body. We provide custom solutions tailored to meet different needs in different applications.

Spinning Top Experiment Set : an educational tool for quality engineering

Takano also provides spinning top experiment sets as a teaching material for quality engineering. A spinning top experiment set consists of spinning top parts different in material and in outer diameter. These parts can be put together freely and easily in different combinations to make different fighting spinning tops. The behavior of a spinning top is very variable depending on the combination of these parts. A small change in the type of the shaft, the number of weights, the fitted position of weights, etc., will make a big difference in the way the spinning top behaves. Such changes are so intriguing and enjoyable that both children and adults alike lose track of time while playing with this set. This product is not a mere set of toys to play with—the user can learn quality engineering (Taguchi Method) by assembling spinning tops and playing with them. This spinning top experiment set is supplied complete with a study guide for learning the Taguchi quality engineering method.

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Coral sand for tomato cultivation

Takano accepts the challenge to contribute to society through the delivery of safe, delicious foods. One such challenge is research the use of coral sand as a culture medium for tomato cultivation. We are working on a cultivation technique for growing safer and tastier tomatoes.


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